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Webinar Series

Strengthening Regional Collaboration and Cooperation through Higher Education Programs - Afghanistan & Thailand

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Sustainable Smiles and the Yunus Center AIT are hosting a series of webinars to bring together experts from higher education, policy, business, and the development sector from around the world to share ideas, discuss challenges, and explore potential avenues for strengthening collaboration for higher education programs in and outside of Afghanistan. The question we aim to answer through the webinar series is: How can we support continued learning opportunities for Afghanistan’s thought leaders and social business entrepreneurs whose work, activism, and studies have been disrupted?

Our first four webinars, supported by the Hollings Center for International Dialogue, brought together diverse stakeholders to discuss the role that higher education in and outside of Afghanistan can play in addressing four key thematic areas:  access to education, gender and technology, energy and WASH, and sustainable food systems. 

Webinar 1: Yunus Professional Masters -Special Program for Afghanistan (YPM-SPA) Introduction Webinar

March 2, 2023 - 9am New York | 5:30pm Kabul | 8pm Bangkok

Our first webinar discussed our responsive approach to higher education for Afghan students which is transformational, empowering, and gives those an opportunity who would otherwise not have one. The event also engaged panelists in discussing ways to support Afghan students to continue their education and learn practical competencies through remote development of place-based projects in Afghanistan. 

Webinar 2:  The role of higher education institutions in increasing access to education and training, collaborative learning, and multi-stakeholder engagement in Afghanistan ​

April 11, 2023 | 9am New York | 5:30pm Kabul | 8pm Bangkok

This webinar contributed a fresh perspective to discussions on how to increase Afghan students' access to education and training, taking a holistic and empowering approach, despite the current constraints. Focus was on approaches for supporting continued learning opportunities through collaborative learning and multi-stakeholder engagement for Afghan students whose work, activism, and studies have been disrupted. 

Webinar 3:  Increasing women's participation in science, technology, and innovation in Afghanistan

June 7, 2023 | 9am New York | 5:30pm Kabul | 8pm Bangkok

This webinar brought together key thought-leaders and experts with experience in gender and technology in Afghanistan and the region. The focus was on the application of innovative technology in the Afghan context and increasing women's participation in tech development, science, and entrepreneurship. Key outcomes of the discussions are being used to inform the curriculum design for the practicum component of our Yunus Professional Masters program for Afghan students. 

Webinar 4:  Social business innovations in energy, waste-to-energy, water, sanitation, and sustainable food systems  

August 30, 2023 | 9am New York | 5:30pm Kabul | 8pm Bangkok

This webinar brought together experts from academia, policy, social business, human rights, and the development sector to discuss innovative ways to strengthen community-based management of energy, waste-to-energy, and localized sustainable food systems in Afghanistan through social business. 

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