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Find publications, resources, and news stories from Sustainable Smiles and our talented team

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This report summarizes the key aspects discussed during our webinar series on rethinking higher education in Afghanistan, highlighting challenges and proposing potential leverage points to enhance access to
education and collaborative learning for Afghan students through social business education.

Date: September, 2023

Authors: Dr. Faiz Shah, Dr. Kelly Franklin, Aoife Frankyn, and Dr. Abdul Aziz Mohibbi

Publisher: Yunus Center AIT and Sustainable Smiles

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This paper investigates the impacts of our service learning course on teaching sustainability competencies in an undergraduate tourism program at Bamyan University, Afghanistan.

Date: January, 2023

Authors: Dr. Kelly Franklin, Dr. Sarah J. Halvorson, and Dr. Fletcher Brown

Publisher: International Journal of Sustainability in Higher Education

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Our service learning course curriculum package is designed for higher education educators in Afghanistan. The course includes teaching approach, learning objectives, teaching resources and materials, activity guidance, and assessment.

Date: December, 2017

Authors: Dr. Kelly Franklin and Jawad Mosavi

Publisher: United Nations Environment Programme

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MEP Seán Kelly urges immediate action to support Afghan women and girls, emphasizing the importance of education. He highlights our Yunus Professional Masters - Special Program for Afghanistan as a model for women's professional development and calls on the EU to facilitate scholarships exclusively for Afghan women and girls.

Date: April, 2023

Author: MEP Seán Kelly

Publisher: Seán Kelly


The article focuses on the challenges faced by Afghanistan's higher education sector under the new Taliban regime. Dr. Abdul Aziz Mohibbi, Higher Education Advisor for Sustainable Smiles and former Chancellor of Bamyan University, highlights his work in setting up our Yunus Professional Masters - Special Program for Afghanistan at the Yunus Center AIT.

Date: August, 2022

Authors: Dr. Abdul Aziz Mohibbi and Dr. Noah Coburn

Publisher: The Diplomat

La Nacion.png

Read about the dire situation of Afghan women and girls under the Taliban regime and their denied access to education. Dr. Kelly Franklin, CEO of Sustainable Smiles, shares their efforts to provide alternative education opportunities for Afghan students through online programs and study abroad opportunities at the Yunus Center AIT in Thailand.

Date: January 26, 2023

Author: Lucía Sol Miguel

Publisher: La Nacion

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