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Our education initiatives for Afghanistan address the critical challenges resulting from the recent political upheaval, economic instability, and humanitarian crisis. The threat of losing decades of investment and knowledge is real, emphasizing the need to harness the talents of young professionals, particularly women, in safe and innovative learning environments. By fostering entrepreneurship, social impact initiatives, and job creation through experiential learning approaches, we aim to empower the next generation of Afghan leaders, ensuring their skills and expertise contribute to the country's sustainable development.

Building a brighter future for Afghan students and their communities

The Yunus Center AIT in Bangkok, in collaboration with Sustainable Smiles, has developed an innovative adaptation of the Yunus Professional Masters in Social Business and Entrepreneurship for Afghan professionals, visualized by Nobel Peace Laureate Professor Muhummad Yunus. The program offers highly customized certificates and master’s degree options for aspiring entrepreneurs from Afghanistan, with a practicum that builds on the success of our service learning course. 

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Masters in Social Business - Albukhary International University

We are expanding the Yunus Professional Masters - Special Program for Afghanistan to the newly launched Masters of Social Business at Albukhary International University (AIU) in Malaysia. AIU's mission has social business at its core, with all students coming from disadvantaged backgrounds to study on full scholarships, learning entrepreneurial skills. AIU contributes to Afghanistan's development by investing in Afghan students and offering a streamlined visa process.

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Service Learning for high school age students in Afghanistan

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